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2 Mindfulness Tools to Train Your Mind

If you aren’t practicing mindfulness…..you are practicing reactivity – Jon Kabat-Zinn Do you ever have those moments of driving somewhere and when you arrive at your destination you can’t remember how you got there? It can be an unsettling sensation! The tendency for our minds to get lost in memories, regrets, daydreams and worries can […]

Observation Without Evaluation

The Indian philosopher J. Krishnamurti once remarked that observing without evaluating is the highest form of human intelligence. When I first read this statement the thought, ‘What nonsense!’ shot through my mind before I realized that I had just made an evaluation. – Marshall Rosenberg

The Dangers of Positive Thinking

Google ‘books on positive thinking’ and you’ll get pages of results. In fact, the ‘power of positive thinking’ is such a strong belief in pop psychology that challenging it can seem heretical. Yet put in another way, if we are feeling sad, scared or, anxious but tell ourselves we just need to think positively to […]

How is your Breath Effecting You?

Breathing is a funny thing, we’ve been doing it since we were born and generally don’t think much about it. But in terms of anxiety management, gaining a deeper understanding of the mechanics and role of the breath is extremely useful. Jon Kabat-Zinn related that in a survey of several hundred patients who had completed […]

Anxiety? There’s an App for it!

Don’t have a lot of time to address anxiety? If you have a smart phone, you are in luck, because as far as anxiety is concerned, there are many many apps for it! Here is a review of some of my favorites: Breathe2Relax – Free (iPhone or Android) This is a free app created by […]

Can you Make Friends with Anxiety?

People often worry about the impact stress and anxiety may have on their health. In this TedTalk Kelly McGonigal, a Health Psychologist, offers a different perspective. What might change if you make friends with stress and anxiety?

Do You Allow Yourself Enough Time for Change?

I started practicing with a new yoga teacher a couple months ago. He focuses on making sure the body has a solid foundation before building into more advanced poses. Since I started we have focused a lot on my feet. That’s right. My feet. For 2 months now. It got me thinking about how easy […]