Anxiety? There’s an App for it!

Don’t have a lot of time to address anxiety? If you have a smart phone, you are in luck, because as far as anxiety is concerned, there are many many apps for it! Here is a review of some of my favorites:

Breathe2Relax – Free (iPhone or Android)

This is a free app created by The National Center for TeleHealth and Technology. According to them, this app is “a portable skill rehearsal tool for practicing diaphragmatic breathing.” Even though we’ve been breathing since the day we were born, many of us develop breathing habits that can actually increase the experience of anxiety. Practicing proper breathing techniques is a great way to start decreasing anxiety.

Universal Breathing by Saagara – Free (iPhone or Android)

This is another free breathing app that offers more variations on breathing techniques. It also tracks the amount of time you spend practicing. If you have practiced breathing in yoga or meditation classes this is likely a good one for you.

Buddhify – $1.99 (iPhone or Android)

Does the idea of meditation fill you with more anxiety? This guided app makes for a gentle way to experiment with meditation.  Using short guided meditations for everything from walking to work to trouble sleeping to working online, this app offers a practical way to try meditating.

Relax Melodies – Free (iPhone or Android)

Anxiety often makes it difficult to relax which can make it difficult to fall asleep. This app offers soothing sounds and white noise to help the mind and body unwind.

Worry Box—Anxiety Self-Help – Free (Android only)

Not everyone likes to keep a journal, but there is lots of research to support the benefits of writing down our thoughts. This app allows you to write down your thoughts and asks you questions to help evaluate different aspects of those thoughts.

Do you have any favorite apps? Please leave us a comment and let us know!