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Can You Escape Your Thoughts?

With anxiety, repetitive thoughts, worries and rumination can become intense. It’s easy to feel like a prisoner to these thoughts and worries without any way to control them or make them stop. Some of these thoughts we can recognize as being extreme but others can seem so real, so inescapable….so us. Here’s a little experiment. […]

How to Change your Brain

In my last post I mentioned the 3-Minute Meditation Experiment which is an experiment with mindfulness. I decided it would be good to talk a bit more about why mindfulness practices can be so useful in relation to anxiety. Research in neuroscience has identified many areas of the brain that are related to anxiety including […]

3-Minute Meditation Experiment

Once anxiety takes hold, our nervous system escalates and it can feel like being trapped in a tidal wave. Becoming more aware of the thoughts and emotions that can lead to nervous system escalation is a key step in anxiety management. One tool that can help you to experiment with gaining awareness of your nervous […]